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Your school may now receive an unlimited number of 12-month memberships for only $450 AUD! (Plus GST.) Now all teachers, students and parents may enjoy 12-month memberships. Students may play maths games at school as part of your lesson plan, or at home as part of their homework. Simply request our special offer on our Schools Contact Us page and we will send your school a website access code for an unlimited number of 12-month memberships!

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All games are set to the standard students must achieve by the end of their school year. We recommend your child/student plays the previous years games first, as a good way of revising or understanding concepts needed to play their current year level.

Designed from The Australian Mathematics Curriculum

Every game is designed to teach concepts as outlined in the Australian Mathematics Curriculum. The games are also designed to suit the curriculums of the U.S.A., Canada, and England. When needed, games include the Metric, Imperial, U.S systems and the currencies of all four countries.

If it’s not on the curriculum it’s not in the game. We have focused on what needs to be learnt, plus areas that students struggle with the most. Plus, within each game, teachers are given the reference numbers from the curriculum.

Follow-Up for Classroom Lessons

The Super Challenge games and worksheets are an excellent follow-up to lessons in the classroom. They are designed by teachers for the classroom and for student homework. Quoted as “The best homework on the net today”. All games are fun and age specific, which encourages students to want to do their homework, so homework is no longer a chore!

Encouraging for struggling Students

The Super Challenge games are also useful tools for struggling students who may need one on one tutoring. They are fun to play and full of positive and encouraging language, designed for students who need to build mathematical confidence.

All Levels of Ability

The games are designed for teachers to switch grade levels around. Struggling students may play games at a lower year level, or advanced students may play games at a higher year level. The worksheets do not have year levels written on them for this purpose.

All games are set at the standard students are expected to reach by the end of the school year. Therefore, most students may need to play games from the previous year’s level to revise or learn concepts not yet grasped.

A Great Fundraiser!

We also recommend The Super Challenge as a fundraiser for your school. Memberships are given at a highly reduced price, so all students may have access to them. (See our Fundraiser Page.) Students may then play the games at home and use the worksheets as part of their homework for the classroom lesson.

Homework Games

The Super Challenge games and worksheets are designed to enhance the day’s lesson.

The games are often called the “homework games”. Games are fun and age specific, which encourages students to want to do their homework. Many students dislike homework, but students love to play The Super Challenge games, so homework is no longer a chore!

Every game comes with a worksheet that students can hand in to their teacher. Worksheets are a good way for teachers to gauge if a student fully understands what has been taught in the classroom.

Also a great fundraiser for your school. See our FUNDRAISER page.

Or try a selection of our free games!