Mathematics Challenge Fundraiser!

The Challenge: Students are challenged to complete a small number of mathematics games and puzzles on this website. Each grade level has a “Super Challenge” for students to complete. The challenge may be completed from home or school.

Certificate: Once students have completed their challenge, they are awarded the “Certificate of Congratulations”. Downloadable from this website or your school may receive printed A4 certificates delivered, all free of charge to help with your fundraiser.

12 months membership: Each household that joins, receives 12 months full access to The Super Challenge website. This includes all games, worksheets and teacher references for all levels of primary school. There are over 260 games aligned with the Australian Mathematics Curriculum all designed to build confidence in mathematics.

Easy to Run: Everything is ready for you to start fundraising. Simply send out our Letter to Parents to collect funds, then give parents our website access code so students may start their maths challenge. The fundraiser is all set up with little time or effort to run.

Safe Environment: The Super Challenge games and website are fully safe and secure with no information sharing, no popup advertising, and no links to other websites.

School Fundraising Letter

Charity/Club Fundraising Letter



Here is how it works:

  1. Everything you need for the event is all done for you. First contact us via our Fundraiser Contact Page requesting participation in the fundraiser.
  2. Download and edit our letter to parents.
  3. Send out the letter to parents to collect funds. We recommend you ask between $10-$20 per membership. (You may ask for any amount up to our yearly membership fee.) Only one membership is needed per household.
  4. We will send your school a website access code.
  5. Once parents have paid your school, they receive the access code from you. The code gives each household 12 months full membership to this website. No credit card details needed from parents.
  6. Students may then begin their maths challenge from home, so running the event is easy. When students have completed their challenge, they are awarded the “Certificate of Congratulations”.
  7. If you wish to present certificates to students at school, we will send you, free of charge, printed A4 glossy certificates to help with your fundraiser. Otherwise, parents may download the certificate from this website.
  8. At the end of the fundraiser, to cover our costs, your school pays only $4 (plus GST) to The Super Challenge for each household that joins. Giving your school $6 – $16 per membership.  (Your school claims the GST back.) Plus, you only pay for memberships after the fundraiser is finished, giving you time to collect funds and making it risk-free!
  9. After the fundraiser all members continue to enjoy full access to this website for 12 months. Includes all games, worksheets and teacher references. So, parents may continue to help their child develop confidence in mathematics.

No joining fee, and risk-free!! See our Fundraiser Terms and Conditions.

  • Builds confidence in mathematics.
  • Everything you need for the event is ready for you.
  • Easy to run as students participate from home.
  • After the event, you only pay for those that join so it’s risk-free!
  • Free A4 certificates delivered to your school.
  • 12 months website access for all participants.

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