Building Mathematical Confidence

We have found the best way to develop confidence in mathematics is to challenge, encourage and reward students. Setting a challenge that is achievable and then rewarding them is a great start to building their confidence.

When students believe in themselves, they try new ways to solve problems. With confidence, if they don’t get it right the first time, they are more likely to try harder and less likely to give up. This is why confidence is so important when learning mathematics!

How The Super Challenge Works

Based on the Australian Mathematics Curriculum and designed to suit the curriculums of the U.S.A., Canada and England.

Students are challenged to complete mathematical games and puzzles. Once students have completed their challenge, we ask you to present them with our “Certificate of Congratulations”. This is to build their confidence so they may then take on more difficult tasks. Then as students progress, you may give further rewards to continue the process.

Students may also play games from either the grade level below or above. This allows you to choose games to match their ability.

All games include encouraging words and positive affirmations to build confidence and a willingness to learn. We aim to break the “block” many students have by helping them understand “why” we need mathematics.

If you would like to homeschool or tutor your child, the hard work and research is done for you. All games are based on mathematical concepts specified in the Australian Mathematics Curriculum.

The Super Challenge games do most of the teaching for you. Only the Foundation and Grade 1 games need to be played with adult assistance.

All games come with a worksheet, great for homework and a good way to reveal areas needing more attention. Plus, playing fun games and filling out worksheets is great for students who usually do not like homework.

There are over 260 fun games and puzzles to play! All are safe and secure with no information sharing, no popup advertising, and no links to other websites.

Who is The Super Challenge for?

Students of All Levels of Ability

All grades come with either “Mid-Level” or “Advanced Level” games. This caters for all levels of ability. It allows you to choose specific concepts that might need more attention. Students may then learn or refresh concepts not fully grasped.

No matter what level of ability, all students need to be engaged to learn mathematics. All our games are fun to play and are based on topics relevant to each age group. Having fun when learning helps them feel safe to explore and to keep trying when mathematics becomes difficult.

Parents and Tutors

The games teach what they need to know!

The Super Challenge games are designed to suit mathematics curriculums for the classroom. We focus on what needs to be learnt, plus areas that students struggle with the most. Knowing specifically what to teach and which areas to focus on, is the most challenging task for any home schooler or remote learning teacher. Now all the research and hard work is done for you.

Plus, our Majors games are for parents. They are designed to teach you what you need to know to help your child learn mathematics. So, now you can help them learn with confidence as you become familiar with the same mathematical concepts. Plus, every activity comes with a follow-on worksheet. This makes teaching mathematics at home much easier!

Teachers and Schools

Designed from The Australian Mathematics Curriculum

All games are based on the Australian Mathematics Curriculum and are also designed to suit the curriculums of the U.S.A., Canada, and England. Games include the Metric, Imperial, and U.S systems. They also include the currencies of all four countries.

If it’s not on the curriculum it’s not in the game. We have focused on what needs to be learnt, plus areas that students struggle with the most. Plus, within each game, you are given the reference numbers from the curriculum, so you know exactly which concepts you are teaching.

All Adults

Brain teasers and puzzles for everyone over the age of 13.

Our Majors set of games are fun brain teasers and mathematics puzzles designed for everyone over 13 years of age. They are lots of fun plus they get you thinking, keeping your brain sharp! They may also improve your memory and cognitive thinking, plus may help reduce declining brain health!

The Super Challenge is a great fundraiser for your school, charity, or club!

The perfect fundraiser is the one that needs very little effort, raises good money and at the same time is very beneficial. That is exactly what we offer!

Fundraiser Challenge: Students are challenged to complete fun mathematics games and puzzles and are then awarded with a certificate.

Very Beneficial: The student games are designed to build confidence in mathematics, and the adult games teach you what you need to know to help your child learn mathematics.

Very Little Effort: After joining our fundraiser, your school receives a website access code from us. You send out our letter to parents. Once you have collected funds, you give parents the code so students can start their challenge. It’s that easy.

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Based on the Australian Mathematics Curriculum

Designed to also suit the curriculums of the U.S.A., Canada and England.


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