How The Super Challenge Works

Our aim is to build confidence by challenging students to complete mathematics games and puzzles. We initially ask for a small number to be completed so the task is achievable. Then with praise and rewards we aim to build their confidence. Step by step we want them to keep trying and not give up!

Each grade has Mid-Level and Advanced Level games. For the challenge, students must complete some of the Advanced Level games. The Mid-level games are used to reinforce concepts not fully understood. This is a great way to build their confidence by allowing them to start at a level they are comfortable with.

All students love a challenge and once they have completed it, they are rewarded with our “Certificate of Congratulations”. The certificate is a good boost especially for struggling students. We then encourage you to follow through with encouragement and rewards as they complete more challenging games.


Developed from our Professor Maths school program

Professor Maths has been in operation across Australia, teaching mathematics to students between the ages of 4 – 12 years old, for over 15 years. During this period, through trial and error and with input from both teachers and students, we have developed very successful age-appropriate teaching methods. Now these methods have been used to create on-line games for The Super Challenge. We have paid particular attention to what engages students and how mathematics is best presented to make it more understandable. By using exciting scenarios relevant and interesting to the specific age group, mathematics starts to make sense to students when explained in a manner they can relate to.

Completing the challenge is the first step

The first step in building confidence is completing the challenge and being rewarded with the certificate. If you can have it professionally printed, even better! This will add importance to it. If you are participating in the fundraiser, A4 certificates will be sent to your school.

With even the smallest boost in confidence, students are encouraged to try harder. Then the next step is to encourage them to tackle more challenges. We recommend you offer further rewards as more challenges are completed.

Confidence and not giving up is very important to achieve in the early learning years. As soon as they enter senior grades, they will be learning more difficult mathematical concepts that need more effort to grasp.

The Same Mathematical Concepts

All games are based on the same mathematical concepts as teachers use in the classroom. A list of learning opportunities and reference numbers from the Australian Mathematics Curriculum is included with every game.

Plus, all games have a follow-on worksheet, a great way to reveal areas needing more attention.

Safe & Secure

The Super Challenge website and all games are fully safe and secure with no information sharing, no popup advertising, and no links to other websites. Games are not downloaded to your PC or device. Only a browser cache is stored and that is used so when the next time you open the game it will load faster.

Present your child or student with our certificate!

This will encourage them to continue to try hard and will build their self-esteem. Mathematics is perhaps the most difficult subject for students in the early years. Encouragement, rewards and having fun are the most effective ways to help your child/student overcome the fear of mathematics and to reach their full potential.

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