All games are set to the standard students must achieve by the end of their school year. We recommend your child/student plays the previous years games first, as a good way of revising or understanding concepts needed to play their current year level.


Focusing on areas students find difficult

The Super Challenge games are specifically designed to suit mathematics curriculums for the classroom. Designed for teachers and tutors, we focus on what needs to be learnt, plus areas that students struggle with the most.

For example, most students struggle with concepts such as “Time”, “Money” and “Fractions”. Where needed, we focus on these concepts by having extra games of varying levels of difficulty.

Want to try homeschooling?

Knowing specifically what to teach and which areas to focus on, is the most challenging task when schooling from home.

This task has been done for you. A list of learning opportunities and reference numbers from the Australian Mathematics Curriculum is included with every game. This list may help you reveal the specific areas your child needs to focus on.

Plus, the worksheets are another way for you to judge how well your child grasps each concept.

The games do most of the teaching for you. Only the Foundation and Grade 1 games need to be played with adult assistance. However, we recommend you assist when needed and encourage students for all the grades.

The games are also good for the school holidays. They may reinforce what has been learnt in the previous year or may give your child a head start on what needs to be learnt for the year to come.

Want to tutor your own child?

You can be a mathematics tutor for your own child. Our Majors games show you what you need to know to teach your own children mathematics. All you need to do is play the Major games and keep notes on what you have learned.

But don’t worry, you won’t have to spend lots of time tutoring. The Super Challenge games do most of the teaching for you. All you have to do is watch their progress, guiding and encouraging them along the way.

Discover areas your child needs to focus on

The Super Challenge gives you a good idea of your child’s current level of ability in specific areas.

The best way to determine your child’s level of ability is to alternate between our Advanced level and Mid-level games.

Start them on the Advanced level games of their grade. This is the level you want them to achieve. They may be challenging in some areas and if so, have them play a similar Mid-level game.

For example, to determine your Grade 4 students’ ability with fractions, have them play a Grade 4 Advanced level fraction game. If they are struggling, have them play a Grade 4 Mid-level fraction game. If they are comfortable with the Mid-level game, then that is their current level of ability in that area.

You may alternate between levels for each concept. This not only helps reinforce concepts not fully grasped but is also a great way to build their confidence by allowing them to start at a level they are comfortable with.

Build your child’s mathematical confidence

Some students have a fear of mathematics, slowing them down. The Super Challenge aims to relieve this fear. Games are full of praise and encouraging words. Once they have completed their challenge, reward them with our “Certificate of Congratulations”. Click here to view.

We also encourage you to follow through with encouragement and rewards as they complete more games.

It is important to relieve students of any fear, or resistance to learn mathematics, before they begin more challenging senior grades.

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